27 June 2011

lovin these things...

you think you have good deodorant?  please try this.  i beg of you.  i actually LIKE smelling my armpits.

good for the short do.  makes it messy and beachy, which i love.

jcrew finally brought back the old school flip flop.  i had a pair of these back in the day and i have missed them so.  i wear mine every. single. day.

 i love fekkai.  i know there is better stuff out there, but when you trying to save some money money and then you go to costco and see one of your favorite shampoos, i mean it doesn't get better than that.

i will use this stuff until the day i die.  

these are obviously goldie's but i can't live without them because she loves them so much.

and then there is katie holmes who has an amazing sweater on that i want really bad but am sure i could never afford.  anyone know where it's from?

this post is so random.... off to bed.


Alison said...

i don't know if my armpits are worthy of smelling like cashmere?

Courtney Peña said...

I love the donna karen deodorant. When I first got it, not only did I love smelling my own armpits, I made one of my friends smell them! awful, I know. But she was impressed!