30 June 2011

the beach: day 4

i'm getting sad that the days are going so fast and we'll be leaving the beach the day after tomorrow.  i swear that's how vacations go.  as soon as you're settled in and feeling good, you have to go home.  10 days would be perfect... but we only get 7.  gotta live it up while we can.

this last picture makes me laugh.  she was about to kick over a drink and for some reason when disaster like that is about to happen, it's like time freezes and i know there's nothing i can do.... so i just kind of wait for it to happen.  instead of making that stupid face, i could've been reacting and moving the drink.  is your brain different after a few kids too?  sweet.

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mommy watsky said...

So I don't really know you but I love JCA & I'm friends with Jenna R. (which is how I stumbled across your blog). But I am in love with your blog & your cute family & your cute style! Such a joy!