26 June 2011

gotta love the beach.

we're having a wonderful time at the beach so far.  i've totally boycotted doing my hair and wearing make-up and i'm feeling great about it.  we're sticking to our routine and the girls are doing awesome, which makes for a great vacation for this temporary single mom.  annie usually falls asleep in the afternoon as i'm pushing them in the stroller out to the beach, so we stick her under the umbrella for a nice nap and then goldie and i play in the waves.  she is a water baby, that one.  i basically just follow her around while she goes in and out of the water, back and forth, plopping down here and sucking the salt off of her fingers there (sick, i know).  she comes in with a diaper filled with sand but that girl's smile is priceless.

i love our hilton head vacation.  we've been coming here for 15 years and i hope to come here every year for the rest of our lives.

the only thing missing is jake.  i don't really want to talk about it.  it makes me sad.

it's a sunny, beautiful day and we're heading out after lunch.  hope you're having a sunny, beautiful day too.  ta-ta for now.

morning run with the girls.

southern sunset.





liz said...

You are such a smart, great mom to stick to their routine. Love your hair color and cut still by the way. Wish I waas there!

Jill said...

hey! i've been dying to know what you think of crossfit! Email me and give me the dibs on whether I should do it! I also just had baby #2 and want to kick my butt back into shape!
(I'm a friend of Jenye, Lyndsi and Jake!)

Sunday said...

The pictures of the sunset are so beautiful! How fun that you get to go to the beach with those two munchkins. :) --Rachel

Sheryl said...

love the boycott and i love love love HHI (went there in high school)...if you need me to be your "jake", i'd be happy to.