20 June 2011

i've lost my power to write... i feel like i used to have some inspiring things to say, or at least some good stories.  not anymore.  i've been feeling up and down lately--so tired, but happy and nothing to complain about, ya know?  just kind of blah.  our days are busy and happy and sometimes long.  sometimes i feel so tired that i could literally fall asleep on the hard wood floor.  i worry about finding renters.  i worry about finding a place to live in san fran.  i worry about lots of little things.  but then i realize that worrying doesn't help anything so i just turn the thoughts off and focus on something else, like giving baths and reading books and brushing hair.  anyway.  i will come back.  going to the beach in a few days for 1 week and i really think that will help me clear my head and get some inspiration going. 

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Annalisa said...

i read a blog post about a writer that said "its easier to write something down than think something up" you're doing marvelous writing down memories and capturing the moments that matter...time with children! hugs!!