25 September 2011

bucket head.

i came outside today and found goldie like this: 

freaking out because she sees and hears an airplane.  "AIRPANE!"

still freaking out.  she loves airplanes.  and cars.

i just want to go ahead and document this hair.  i do nothing to it except put her to sleep with it wet from a bath.  i wish i had as much body to my hair.

nothing like hair stuck in your snot to end the day.

all these photos were taken while my other little chicken did this in my bed:

a little blurry because i only let the lense through the door... but you get the idea.  isn't she the sweetest?


Mallory said...

I found your blog through a friend. And I just had to tell you I love your blog. I read like half yesterday!! Thank goodness my little one took a long nap and my time was NOT wasted!

jenn said...

i love bucket head! my daughter does the same thing! then gives us the bucket so we can do it too!!!
your girls are so dang beautiful!