24 September 2011

more house.

well here is the rest of our house, minus annie's bedroom. hers is basically complete, but we're going to double it as a guest room as well so there is some work to be done. speaking of guest room, i am really impressed with myself and the things i've been finding on craig's list lately. all of a sudden i am obsessed with that website! probably because i don't want to spend money on new things. you know what they say, someone's trash is another's treasure. amen to that. last night i picked up a queens-sized mattress (sealy posturepedic...only a few years old, great condition, smelled normal), box spring, bed frame, and a cool wooden vintage headboard for only $35. yes. you read that correctly: $35. i kept trying to explain to jake what an incredible steal that is but he doesn't quite get it. i mean that should go down in the history books, right? anyway, so that needs to be cleaned, assembled, blah blah before i show photos of annie's room. moving on. 

our bedroom is the weirdest shape; i'm sure it used to be an office or something. we used to have our bed up against the windows but there was no room to walk and it was just awkward. i didn't like it. just for kicks, i moved the bed yesterday and actually think it looks much better-- the windows are free and open up the room more. do you like our escape door? random. it actually leads to the back patio that we never use, and jake practically begs me for his own space somewhere in this house, except there is none.  so i took the nightstand out of annie's room (that actually happens to go with our dresser) and gave jake an early christmas present. you gotta do what you gotta do with the space that you have, am i right? i'd love to get a small area rug for our room one day, but definitely not a need at the moment.  do you like our office corner? lame. at least we're organized, or try to be anyway.

our lovely yellow bathroom.  i told you our house had character.  i love it though.

this is sort of random, i know.  but jake and i were in paris about a year ago next month and we bought goldie this little mirror (on the left). i was so happy about it because when i was very young, my dad brought me back a very similar little mirror from paris (on the right).  kind of cool, huh.  love it.

this is the girls' bathroom.  i LOVE the grey (it is my favorite color, afterall). and i love that the bathtub is simply just that: a bathtub.  there is a stand-up shower behind the door.

i love this hallway.  as you see, there is a door that closes off this entire part of the house, aka the girls' "wing".  goldie's room is the first on the left, then annie's is right next to it also on the left.  anyway, it's nice to be able to close the door to the hallway at night or during nap time and know that they won't be disturbed.  kind of awesome.

so there you have it.  hope you're having a great saturday.  mine consists of laundry, vacuuming, and a trip to the grocery store and old navy.  goldie is growing like a weed i tell you.


Stefanie said...

your new house is so charming! the hallway is great!

Michelle said...

love love love it. love the grey. love the hallway...and LOVE the little mirrors from Paris! Are you kidding that you found one just like yours! soooo amazing!